Anju Shimoie @anju_shimoie
『Wine』, 2022
Oil on canvas 53㎝×45.5㎝

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1996. Completed the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Nagoya University in 2020. It features a style of painting reminiscent of the retro manga that represents the Showa era. The motif is inspired by the various things and emotions that the Shimoie herself encounters in daily lives. The work "Wine"  has a very nostalgic feeling for its painting colors and the lady’s sweet eyes. And at the same time, there is a feeling of some bubbling with expectation, too.
She said “No” yesterday
She said “Yes” today
With her lips as if colored by red wine
She changes her mind just like the taste of an old wine
But I believe it will take two of us to the wonderland we have never been before.

EMU @emu_bb 
『Cherrs! 』, 2022
Acrylic on custom shaped canvas

After working as a graphic designer, he started his career as an artist in 2016. All the canvas of his works are made by recycled wood scraps that would  have been thrown away from the shipyard in his hometown Okayama. The canvas of "Cheers!" is also shaped like "M" designed by EMU himself. Inside the canvas, a guy is laying down with his legs out, looking calm and happy, and the smaller guy looks like he's talking to him. The relax vibes of those two giving you make us want to say "Cheers!" 

KEIGO NAKAMURA  @keigopaint 
『Living with Dreath』 2022, 
Oil on canvas, 60×85mm
Custom Made Picture Frame ( Baroque Style ) 
frame, 265x285mm

Born in 1984, graduated from Tokyo Art University in 2010. Many of his works are inspired by French baroque style and due to their small size and scale, he's known for minimalist artist as well.  
It is outstanding in the contemporary art world, where a lot of art works have been becoming bigger and more wild these days. If you look into his delicate brush strokes,  it feels like you've been taken into the miniture world. But at the same time, you might feel like you've been there before. It is almost like refection of your subtle mind or childhood memories.

 Kwang Hyun Kim   @kh_kiim 
『Balance#3』, 2022
Acrylic on canvas, 73×61cm
Born in 1982. Majored Korean Paintings of Arts at Kyungsung University and graduated in 2010. Through studying Korean paintings, enjoying graffiti as a hobby and experiencing Japanese Buddhist arts, he reached to the art style he has today. You can often find the character with a long philtrum in his works, which also appears in the work [Balance] we will display at our exhibition this time. The human is trying hard to keep the little creature not to slip off from their leg, while trying to look very calm and hiding their emotions in all three pictures. Somehow the seriousness makes it look sillier and more childish. It could also be the paradox of modern people hiding their real emotions from the others while they are actually struggling from something.

Mi Ju Lee  @mijuleee 
『A Soft Touch』, 2022
Acrylic on canvas 65 x 50cm

She majored design at Hongik University and obtained a master's degree in illustration at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Her paintings stimulate our curiosity by adding a dreamy feeling to our daily lives. In the work “A Soft Touch”, the girl is holding a soft looking white dog. Bananas look like they are dancing, her nails and bracelet are done very cute. However, we can’t really tell what the dog actually looks like or what the girl is thinking. Is she staring at something? Is she just daydreaming? Or is she looking at you? Once you look into her eyes, it is hard to look away.

I Putu Adi Suanjaya Kencut
『Salute』 2022、
Acrylic on canvas, 60×50cm

Born in Bali, studied fine art in Art Institute of Yogyakarta. His art is avangard but also enealogical to traditional Balinese art. He has been known for his button-eyed figures, shaped like soft dolls. In every piece he makes, the doll acts as a metaphor in human life. It is just like Balinese people who often create dolls called Barong Rangda for their ceremonies and wish them come to life. Kencut hopes people can reflect on themselves through his artworks. What if the dolls were the figure you used to have? The world might look different once you see a doll inside yourself.