About The Gallery 

Founded in 2022 in the center of culture Shibuya, Tokyo. Our exhibitions feature a wide variety of local and international artists. The purpose is to promote contemporary art culture inside and outside of Japan by introducing new works and perspectives, and to provide artists space to fully explore their style and abilities.

HELLO GALLERY TOKYO is based on the concept of co-existence. We believe that our encounters with each of our visitors, supporters, and artists make us who we are. We hope to continue to develop artistic activities and establish relationships in our community to promote the idea of culturally based art as well as international exchange.

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy art freely in their own way. As we are holding more exhibitions every year, HELLO GALLERY TOKYO aims to enter partnerships with galleries worldwide and collaborate with art teams to contribute to spreading contemporary art culture.

•展覧会期間 : 火曜日~土曜日
•時間 : 13:00 ~ 19:00 
•定休日 : 日曜、月曜


    『初台』駅より 徒歩9分
    『参宮橋』駅より 徒歩9分
     『新宿』駅より 徒歩15分