You Had Me At "HELLO"


JULY 16- AUGUST 07, 2022

We are pleased to announce our very first exhibition at HELLO GALLERY TOKYO, " You Had Me At HELLO".
We will introduce you 6 participating artists.








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Anju Shimoie |下家杏樹
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1996. Completed the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Nagoya University in 2020. It features a style of painting reminiscent of the retro manga that represents the Showa era. The motif is inspired by the various emotions that the artist herself encounters in daily lives. 

After working as a graphic designer, he started off of his career as an artist in 2016. All the canvases of his works are made by recycled wood scraps from the shipyard in his hometown Okayama. Despite his illustration style of art, it is full of the warmth of handmade and playful details.

Keigo Nakamura|中村圭吾
Born in 1984, graduated from Tokyo Art University in 2010. Many of his works are inspired by French Baroque style and due to their small size and scale, he's known as a minimalist artist.  If you look into his delicate brush strokes, you may feel like you've been taken into the miniature world. 

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Kwang Hyun Kim 

Born in 1982. Majored Korean Paintings of Arts at Kyungsung University and graduated in 2010. You can often find the character with a long philtrum in his works. In the piece titled "Balance", it is trying hard to keep the little creature not to slip off from the foot, while keeping his face calm. It is the paradox of modern people hiding their real emotions from the others. 

 Mi Ju Lee

Majored design in Hongik University and obtained a master's degree in illustration at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Her paintings stimulate our curiosity by adding a dreamy feeling to our daily lives. It has many playful elements and yet there's also depth in the eyes that once you look into, it is hard to look away. 

Suanjaya Kencut

Born in Bali, studied fine art in Art Institute of Yogyakarta. His art looks avant-garde but also genealogical to traditional Balinese art. He has been known for his button-eyed figures, shaped like soft dolls. In every piece he makes, the doll acts as a metaphor in human life. It is just like Balinese people who often create dolls called Barong Rangda and wish them come to life. 

You Had Me at "HELLO"

Open: July 16th -August 7th, 2022

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