Solo exhibition | Nina Park

MAY 26- JUNE 10, 2023

NINA PARK | パク・ニナ


 英国キングストン大学でイラストレーション学士号を修得後(2015 – 2018)、数々の展覧会や地方自治体、金融業界、ファッション企業とのコラボレーションを経験。 2022年より本格的にペインティングに焦点を当て、韓国のみならずイギリスや台湾、フランス、スペインなど、各国で活動をしている。 

After her bachelor’s degree in illustration at Kingston University in The United Kingdom(2015 – 2018), she took part in many collaborations with multiple organizations such as a local government, financial industries, and fashion corporations. After she shifted her full focus onto painting since 2022, her UK pop style is receiving more attention from worldwide, The UK, Korea, Taiwan, France, and Spain etc. 

By Nina Park

私の日常はとてもシンプルです。 古い街の角にスタジオがあって、着いたらすぐにコーヒーを注ぎます。絵の具をパレットの上に絞り出して、作業開始の準備が整います。 眠くなってきた夕方には、スタジオの周りを軽く散歩するのも欠かせない日課の一つです。私はこんな単調な一日が大好きです。日常生活にあっと驚くような大きな出来事はないけれど、季節ごとに変わる景色や、街ゆく人々の服装、空の色、そんなものに私はときめきを感じます。毎日の小さな出会いや胸の高鳴りが、私のキャンバスの上には広がっています。それは、私にとって特別な歴史を書き記していくような感覚なのかもしれません。(パク・ニナ)

My daily life is very simple. I go to the studio in an old town, and then enjoy a cup of coffee. After that, I squeeze some paint out onto a pallet, which means I am ready to get started working. And in the late afternoon when I get sleepy, it is also one of my daily essential routines to take a small stroll around the studio. This monotony of each day is what I love. There are not many major events in my daily life, but it is always throbbing for me to find small changes, just as the different outfits of people on the street or the different colors of the whole city in each season. I capture these little things and play with it on my canvas. They can be my own special history through ways of my own.  (Nina Park)



2021 Bank Bookcover illustrations, Busan Bank

2021 2022 Calendar illustrations, Busan Bank

2021 Goods illustration, Uniqlo

2021 World Illustration Award Longlisted Artist

2020 File festival illustration porster, 11th peace film festival 

2019 London Illustration Fair

2018 Brills Award Kingston Museum, 2nd Prize


2023 One Art Taipei 2023 Art fair, Taiwan 

2022 Art Taipei, City of Talents, Taipei

2022 Start Art Fair, Seoul

2022 Art Jeju 2022 Art fair, Jeju

2019 London Illustration Fair, London, UK


2023 <Orange Rhythm> (Solo), Villazan Gallery, Madrid, Spain 

2023 <Sakura> (Group), Jo Yana Gallery, Marseilli, France

2023 <Fluffy Fellowship> (Group), Liberty Gallery, Miyazaki 

2022 <You are my Present> (Group), Hello Gallery, Tokyo

2022 <The Sanctum> (Solo), Gallery Aile, Seoul

2022 <Layered Chilling Time> (Solo), Nonage Gallery, Singapore

2022 <CHERRY FIELDS FOREVER> (Solo), Waluso Gallery, London, UK

2022 <Genuine Rhythm> (Group), Aout Gallery, Beirut

2022 <Eat Pray Love> (Solo), Tsutaya books, Qiantan Taikooli, Shanghai 

2022 <Encounter> (Solo), Gallery Aile, Seoul

2022 <Face to Soul> (Group), Mozuku gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2022 <Park Nina> (Solo), Liberty gallery, Miyazaki, Japan

2022 <INITIATION> (Group), Popi gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2022 <NOW&NEW> (Group), Gallery Aile, Seoul, South korea

2022 <Let's Talk About (self)Love> (Group), Gallery Aile, Seoul

2021 <Christmas Art Auction>, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul 

2020 <The New Normal> (Solo), Cafe Moncadeau, Seoul

2019 <Spectrum> (Group), MHK Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2019 <Floating on Loneliness> (Solo), Banana Long Gallery, Busan

2018 <The Moment> (Group), Camden Image Gallery, London, UK

2018 Illustration Animation Future, Candid Art Trust, London, UK

2017 S:Kinship (Duo), Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK

Nina Park solo exhibition | パク・ニナ個展

  • 会期:2023年05月26日~06月10日
  • 時間:13:00~19:00[火曜日~土曜日]
  • 休日: 日曜、月曜日
  • 場所: HELLO GALLERY TOKYO(東京渋谷区代々木 4-28-7 西参道テラス E1)
  • TEL : 03)6281-9434
  • Email: [email protected]


  • Open: May 26th - June 10th, 2023
  • Open time: 13:00-19:00 [Tues-Sat]
  • Closed : Sun.Mon
  • Place: E1, Nishisando Terrace 4-28-7, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo                
  • TEL : +81 3)6281-9434
  • Email: [email protected]