Kwang Hyun Kim

OCTBER 15-30, 2023

韓国出身のアーティスト、キム・グァンヒョンの日本初個展 "私の名前はピフチン" をHELLO GALLERY TOKYO にて開催。ピフチンとは彼の描くキャラクターの名前であり、その名由来は、『真実らしいけれど、真実である確証はない』という意味の韓国語(핍진)。

作品に登場するキャラクターのリアルな質感や血の通った肌の表現は 、現実に生きる人間以上に生々しくも見える。 それに対し、 その表情は読みとりにくくどこか憂いを帯びている。作家は性別をあえて意識してはいないという。そして彼らの目から口元へと視線をさげた瞬間その印象は変化する。喜びや悲しみ、空虚、恐怖、曖昧さなど、多様な感情を想像させる視線。それは、彼らを見つめる我々自身の視線を映し出しているようだ。作品の中に生きるキャラクターたちは、作家の内面から生まれたにせよ、他人との関係、意識と無意識 、そして鑑賞者の内面の中で生きており、それは一つの人格として成り立つ力をも持っている。 キム·グァンヒョンにとって、 絵の中の彼らは同時代を生きる私たちの姿であり、 作家の自画像でもある。 そのようにして描かれるキャラクターは少しずつ形を変え、ストーリーを広げ、作家と鑑賞者との枠を超えた場所でまた別の意味を作り、世界を歩き始めているのだ。 


We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Kwang Hyun Kim for his first solo exhibition in Japan, titled "My Name Is PIPZIN".  The origin of the name "Pipzin" is a Korean word (핍진), which means "Truth-likeness” and it is the name of one of his characters. 

The realistic textures of his characters’ skin look even more vivid than a real human being. On the other hand, their expression is difficult to read. There is something wistful about their gaze, but something almost childish about their mouth. Their gaze evokes a variety of emotions we can imagine, such as joy, sadness, emptiness, fear, or ambiguity. It reflects our own gaze as we look into them. These characters may have been born from something inside of the artist at first, but once they meet you, they start to live in the relationships with the others, and the world of conscious and unconscious. There is an individual personality they have established by their own. For Kwang Hyun Kim, the characters in the paintings represent “us” who live in the same society in the same era, as well as it is the artist's self-portrait. And as they meet more people, their world gradually changes their form, expands the story, and keeps creating another meaning in a place that transcends the boundaries between the artist and the viewers, or even with the characters themselves. 

Kwang Hyun Kim 



1982年 韓国釜山出身. 

2010年 京城大学美術学部韓国画専攻卒業. 


漫画家の父とイラストレーターの母の元育つ。 大学では韓国画を専攻しながら、デザインにも目を向け、趣味でグラフィティも制作。さらには日本の仏教美術修復を仕事とした経験もある。 多岐にわたる表現や経験から現在の作品·世界観が生まれた。 


1982  Born in Busan, Korea. 

2010  Graduated Kyungsung University, Korean Paintings of Arts 


Raised by his father who is a comic book author, and his mother had been an illustrator. As he studied Korean Paintings in university, he also worked on graffiti as a hobby, and Japanese buddhist art as a job for two years. Through the wide variety of art experience, he has reached to create his world we see today. 

The Birth of Gatak
2021, 117×91cm, Acrylic on canvas

“The foundation of personality will be created from the fusion of consciousness and unconsciousness.”  - Kwang Hyun Kim -


Breath of Desire
 2019, 162×130cm, Acrylic on canvas
 “人間であるかぎり欲望を隠すことはできず、近づく死からは避けられない。” (作家)



The central figure is surrounded by multiple unknown hands, one is on the earring(symbol of wealth), one is clutching the lion’s cheek(symbol of force), and one is outreaching the skull(symbol of death). Flowers are blooming all around, but if you look closely, you will notice that they are composed of "human eyeballs" and "human tongues." 

OCT15-30 |  Kwang Hyun Kim


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