Kwang Hyun Kim



キム・グァンヒョンの描くキャラクターには、鮮烈な肉体表現と曖昧な表情が浮かび上がり、多様な概念が独自の世界に象徴されている。作家はクリエイターの両親のもと育ち、大学で韓国画を学ぶ傍らデザインやグラフィティも制作、さらには日本仏教美術の修復を仕事とした経験もあり、多岐に渡るインスピレーションや熟練された技法が今日の制作活動に繋がっている。謎に包まれた彼の登場人物たちが持つ視線は、 我々自身の感情や解釈の器として機能し、存在の複雑さと芸術表現の無限の可能性を反映している。 キム・グァンヒョンの作品は、内省と思索を刺激し、文化の境界や時代を超越した物語を繰り広げているのだ。

Kwang Hyun Kim, born in 1982 in Busan, South Korea, is an artist of profound depth. He completed his formal education by graduating from the Korean Painting Department within the Faculty of Fine Arts at Keijo University in 2010.
His art represents a confluence of influences, philosophies, and experiences, resulting in a body of work that is both captivating and elusive. The characters in his work, brimming with vitality and yet shrouded in mystery, beckon viewers to engage in a profound discourse, not only with the art but with their own inner selves. They serve as vessels for our own emotions and interpretations, mirroring the complexity of existence and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. His work stands as a testament to the power of art to inspire introspection and contemplation, transcending cultural boundaries and resonating with a global audience. 

Kwang Hyun Kim's diverse sources of inspiration, ranging from his own parents cartoons and graffiti as a hobby, to Japanese Buddhist art, contribute to the eclectic nature of his work. His art transcends conventional boundaries, blending elements of urban culture and spirituality with traditional and contemporary influences. This fusion gives rise to a unique visual language that is both contemporary and timeless. Kwang Hyun Kim's art transcends conventional boundaries and offers a narrative that encapsulates the confluence of his diverse experiences and inspirations. His oeuvre stands as a testament to his ability to transcend the ordinary, beckoning viewers to immerse themselves in a multifaceted artistic journey.

Tears of the Clouds, 2023 

Kwang Hyun Kim 

 (F30) 91x61x4cm 

Acrylic on Canvas 

キム・グァンヒョンの作品の特徴の 1 つは、身体表現の熟練といえる。 彼の登場人物たちはキャンバスから浮かび上がり、その体は動きと感情の本質を捉えているかのようにゆがみ、肌には鮮烈な血が通う。 彼らが何者であれ、キャラクターはその身体性を通じてあらゆる人間の経験やあり方を物語っているのである。

One of the hallmarks of Kim's work is his mastery of physical expression. His characters leap off the canvas with an astonishing vitality, their bodies contorted and animated in a way that seems to capture the very essence of motion and emotion. His characters convey a wide spectrum of human experiences through their physicality.

Untitled, 2023 

Kwang Hyun Kim 


Acrylic on Canvas 


The true intrigue of Kim's art lies in the ambiguity and mystery shrouding his characters' faces. They are often obscured or left intentionally incomplete, allowing viewers to project their own interpretations and emotions onto the artwork. This deliberate ambiguity is reminiscent of the human experience itself, where emotions and thoughts often remain concealed beneath the surface.




2020 The truth, Siam agreed/ Hongti Art Village/ Busan, Korea 

2019 Beyond the Skin/ Hongti Art Village/ Busan, Korea 

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2011 Garbage Collection/Busan Bank Gallery(Busan Korea) 

2010 倉固 /(Busan Korea) 

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