Han Jimin



2021年 弘益大学校絵画修士号修得 (韓国 ソウル)卒業。 


日常のありふれたシーンに潜む誰かの不安や流れる空気に触れるような描写が特徴。描かれる人物の後ろ姿には、魂の小さな震えや鼓動を聞き取れるほどの緊張感が秘められており、そのアプローチは、不安や孤独のなかに佇む静けさをもたらしている。人間の最も深い感情が言葉や表情のみならず、所作や姿勢、そして一人思考を巡らす瞬間に生まれることを体現しているとも言えるだろう。 淡い色彩に広がる景色と、後ろ姿という人物の匿名性は、作品世界へ鑑賞者が立ち入りやすい余白を生み出し、我々をいつかの儚い思い出や、誰かの言葉にならない一瞬の美しさへと導いてくれる。彼女の作品を通し、我々は見知らぬ誰かの吐息を聞き、言葉を超越した対話をすると同時に、孤独や不安、時に興奮の中に訪れる魂の静寂に出会うことができるだろう。 



Graduated from Hongik University (Seoul, South Korea) with a master's degree in painting, in 2021. 


Her works are serene retreats for the soul, where anxiety and loneliness give way to a profound sense of calm. The artist's unique approach involves portraying individuals from behind, emphasizing the power of anonymity and creating tranquil environments that beckon viewers to breathe and find solace. It reminds us that the deepest emotions are sometimes conveyed not through facial expressions or direct gazes but through body language, posture, and the unspoken moments that occur when we're alone with our thoughts. She paints scenes that exude tranquility—vast landscapes, cozy interiors—inviting viewers to step into these worlds and experience a moment of respite. Through her paintings, she invites us to look beyond the surface, to connect with the unseen emotions that often lie hidden, and to find solace in the beauty of tranquil environments. 



2021 ‘Master of Fine Arts in Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 ‘Solitude’, Gallery OVO, Taipei, Taiwan. 

2022 ‘Readers’, Yeemock gallery, Seoul, Korea. 

2021 ‘Projectspace Wumin artist competition 2021’, Wumin Artcenter, Cheongju, Korea 

2021 ‘13th New Artist Competition’, Gallery Tom, Namyangju, Korea 

2020 ‘Monolouge’, Yeemock gallery, Seoul, Korea. 2019 ‘Two people’, Yeemock gallery, Seoul, Korea. 2018 ‘One day’, Gallery Dam, Seoul, Korea. 

 Selected Residencies & Group Exhibitions

2023 ‘Disappearing moments’,
 Art GG gallery, Seongnam, Korea. 

2023 ‘ONDO’, Gallery YOOL, Incheon, Korea. 

2023 ‘Crossing’, Lorin gallery, LA, US. 

2022 ‘A December to Remember’,
 Off the Record gallery, Cetral, HK. 

2022 ‘A miracle that the person I love loves me’, ArtBProject gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2022 ‘My Secret Place’,
Mozuku gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 

2021 ‘École de Ami Residency Program 2021’, Ami art museum, Dagnjin, Korea 

2021 ‘Round Silence’, PolestarArt gallery, Seoul, Korea 2019 ‘Portrait 2019’, CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea 2018 ‘New thinking New art 2018’, Violet gallery, Seoul, Korea